Welcome to Kids Story, listen to your personalized stories

With Kids Story it is finally possible that every child or adult gets stories read out. Everyone can become an author. Welcome to your personalized stories.

Listen to our stories

Listen to our stories

Kids Story

How do I become an author

With us you have the unique opportunity to present your work to a wide range of children and do something good at the same time.

Write stories

Simply formulate short stories between 200 and 10,000 characters. These will be automatically translated by us into different languages and audios.

Become a famous author

The better your stories are, the more your stories are presented. This way you get more followers.

Influencer for partners or your book

Once you have 100 followers, you can become a Influencer at our portal. This way you can place ads and earn money. Additionally you can place your own advertisement at any time.

Our Features

Kids Story is constantly being developed through and with you. Feedback is very important to us. If you miss a feature, you can simply contact us

Simply listen to stories

With us you can easily choose which story you want to hear right now.

Completely free

With Kids Story the use is and remains completely free. Choose from thousands of stories.

Several languages

At the moment we support German, English, Spanish and Russian. More languages will follow.


Perfectly tailored to me

Through our AI we always play the appropriate story for you. This one is constantly learning from your behavior.

Safe for kids

All our contents are checked. Parents do not have to worry about the content here.

Several readers

We have a male and a female voice as readers. You decide who reads to you.


Frequently asked questions

For the start we used an iOS app to limit the target group. As soon as we have learned enough from our users, an Android App will follow.

Kids Story earns his money through advertising and other services on the site. These advertisements are targeted at kids and do not contain any vulnerable content.

As soon as you use our app as a guest we will generate a key that cannot be traced back to you. When you register, we store your email and listening habits.

Kids Story was created entirely in Germany, more precisely in Dresden (Saxony). No data leaves Germany.

We are making exciting progress every day.
Just enter your email address so we can keep you informed.

The team behind Kids Story

This project comes from the heart. That's why our team is putting all their energy into bringing Kids Story to every child.



Technology & Product

Supporting children in their development and ensuring equal rights is a matter close to my heart. Especially in our fast and stressful world we should not forget our future and certainly not neglect it. That is why I have created Kids Story. All my passion and knowledge goes into this platform. We want to constantly improve and develop.



Business & Marketing

Stories have helped me look at things from a different perspective my whole life. As what is called a "fidget spinner" after the famous story, it has always been difficult for me to sit still and fully engage with something. Listening to stories was one of the few exceptions.... With Kids Story, I want to make this experience possible for as many "fidgets" and "fidget spinners" as possible.

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Free of charge, safe and exciting. Kids Story helps every child to get stories read to them. What are you waiting for?

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